For Your Consideration Parody by Emma Fitzpatrick on-behalf of Anne Hathaway

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 17.51.55

Thanks to Indiewire for finding this well crafted parody highlighting the reasons why Anne Hathaway should win the Oscar for her performance in Les Mis. The video is a re-write of the “I dreamed a dream” keynote song, with all the dirt and TB coloured rosy cheeks to boot. The star of the video is an up and coming actress called Emma Fitzpatrick, who I’m willing to bet, will be moving on to bigger and better things after this.

It’s a very clever marketing of her skills, by making a potentially viral video that can poke fun at the Oscars, pay tribute to Hathaway and also help promote herself in a stealthy demo reel. Viral marketing 101. And what a demo indeed, demonstrating she has the pipes to match Hathaway, note for note.

“I did it all in one take, bitches”


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