Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

To Infinity…and Beyond!  So starts the brand new Star Trek film of the rebooted/divergent time-line Trek franchise.  Ok, not really, instead it starts a lot like an Indiana Jones flick with Kirk (Chris Pine) and Bones (Karl Urban)  running the fuck away from a group of (awesome-looking) natives (or aliens in this case).  ALSO there’s […]

Review: The Place Beyond the Pines

After seeing the first trailer and image stills for The Place Beyond the Pines, there was a general consensus amongst critics and Baby Goose naysayers that this was just ‘Drive on a motorcycle’. Which on the surface of what had been presented, didn’t seem too distant a possibility. All the cues from Drive were there: […]

Review: Spring Breakers

I can’t say Harmony Korine’s surname without breaking up the syllables and delivering it in a southern drawl, like I’m a hill-billy greeting an out-of-towner. (*Whaa yaw say yaaw name be…ko-reeen?) Which makes it seem all too fitting that Korine has made Spring Breakers, a neon-lit youthful getaway fantasy, set on Florida’s southern coastline. Spring […]