Mark Wahlberg Gets Drunk on BBC


We here in the UK are a little bit more relaxed in our talk-show formats than most staple American stalwarts like Leno or Letterman. For some of our American cousins that can be a little jarring, but sometimes it allows for more insightful discussions to take place. On this particular occasion, Mark Wahlberg was on the Graham Norton Show, a BBC Friday night talk show, where he was plugging his new passion project Broken City (Rotten Tomatoes 25%) and was not accustomed to endless free bottles of red wine in the green room. He managed to get hammered while waiting in the aisles with a very sober Sarah Silverman and The Fassmember. What follows is a 15 min barrage of a drunken Boston Townie chump that would give Seth McFarlane’s Mo-Capped Ted a run for his money. At one point he challenges The Fassmember to a dick measuring contest – Idiot…everyone knows The Fassmember would have used his real penis, instead of a prosthetic for the role Dirk Diggler.

I’d like to think most people would have the awareness to know when they need to just shut their mouth and minimize embarrassment, but not Wahlberg. He goes on to molest both Silverman and host Graham Norton. Rubbing his nipples and stroking his cheeks. Wahlberg better hope his wife doesn’t see this. At one point he grabs Silverman’s head, sniffs the back of her neck and says “You smell amazing!”. In-between all of this, he still manages to savour a modicum of professionalism by constantly plugging his movie, while interrupting the other guests and host. If it wasn’t for Silverman and the host Norton using their combined abilities of improvisation and comedy to control the situation this could have been a complete train wreck.

Here’s a highlights real of all the Wahlberg drunkenness for your viewing pleasure.



  1. Haha I saw this and thought he looked hammered. He was pretty obnoxious and poor Fassbender barely said two words. It did make for an entertaining show though!

  2. wow he was totally pissed :p

  3. hahahaha I respect him way more now! 😀

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