So…that Ashton Kutcher jOBS film looks kinda shit….called it!


Ashton Kutcher’s passion project on the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, will only be making its début at Sundance Film Festival this weekend, but it’s already been picked up by a distributor. As a result the first few promotional stills have been released and today we got a taster for what to expect performance-wise form the two lead actors; Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs and Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak. If you’ve been following my coverage of the film through its development, you’ll know that I’m not the greatest fan of this project. I’m still patiently waiting for Aaron Sorkin to finish his script over at Sony, before I ask Siri to launch my iLighter app and gently wave it in the air of a crowded cinema, like I’m at a Led Zepplin gig.

Josh Gad isn’t a terrible actor, per se, but he doesn’t stand a chance making me believe he’s Wozniak with that terrible wig and fake beard. Is it me, or is that poor excuse for a hairdo, just a 70’s porn stars merkin? And Kutcher, well…he’s always just playing variations of himself, with fluctuations in facial hair. I can see why Kutcher was drawn to the role. He’s made a name for himself in silicone valley, making astute investments in Twitter, Facebook and AirBnB to name just a few, way before they came to mainstream consensus. But good intentions aside, this clip below doesn’t bode well for the rest of the film. My money on an Oscar winning performance for a Jobs biopic will be a Sorkin written script and a Noah Wyle lead….mark my words!


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