Aaron Sorkin is currently working on the script for Sony’s untitled Steve Jobs biopic, after being awarded the gig last month. Since then speculation has been running wild on who will take the lead role. Sony must be spoilt for choice as every actor under the sun must be dying to play the part in an almost certain oscar-bait performance. Even Ashton Kutcher has decided not to wait around and made the bold move of creating his own biopic, entitled Jobs: Get Inspired – sounds like a film that will get two and a half (men)stars in a review, am i right? [You just know someone will do that]. I’m not too keen on that project, as I’ve mentioned on this blog before, so I’m glad Sorkin is taking his time over at Sony.

Stanley Tucci and George Clooney are names that have been thrown about so far, but with all that speculation in the air, one name has stood out for me the most…Noah Wyle. Let me tell you why.

The actor, best known for playing Dr. John Carter in ER, played Jobs in a previous film, 1999′s Pirates of Silicon Valley – and absolutely nailed the performance. Capturing the mannerisms and look of Jobs so well that even Jobs himself felt compelled to acknowledge him in a humorous publicity stunt, for the Mac-world Expo, that same year.

[Noah Wyle] is a better me, than me – Steve Jobs, 1999

Yes, Wyle might look older now since his last portrayal, but rather than rehash Jobs’s earlier life, as shown in Pirates of Silicone Valley, it wold be better to continue on from where it ended. Start the new film from Steve Jobs’s return to Apple. Show how he rescued the company from near-bankruptcy, fought his battle with cancer and end with his Stanford commencement speech. Well at least that’s how I would do it.

But of course casting Wyle to play Jobs is all speculation at this point, until I happened to see a video of Aaron Sorkin’s commencement speech to Syracuse University, back in May. In it he name drops Wyle, while reminiscing over a story of missed opportunity, which may give us an insight into who Sorkin will champion to play the role. See the clip below from 4:45 min.



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