Watch Shane Koyczan’s Moving Short Film “To This Day”

Thanks to Court’s girlfriend Sarah for sharing this moving animated short film by Canadian Shane Koyczan, called To This Day. The film is based on Koyczan’s spoken word piece on his experience of being bullied in school, but instead of keeping it strictly personal, he expands into a more general discussion of growing up feeling […]

Fincher’s Timberlake Music Video is a Cinematography Masterpiece

This valentines day release of Justin Timberlake’s Suit and Tie music video may have marked the end of a six-year hiatus from music, but really it’s yet another cinematic treat from David Fincher. In recent years Fincher has become a well known champion of digital cinematography and helped pioneer the field with the likes of […]

Sometimes the Best Performances by Actors Don’t Win the Awards

Winning Oscars is one thing, but in most cases the academy doesn’t actually award the best performance, but rather the popular one. Daniel Day-Lewis is great as Lincoln, and is probably one the greatest actors alive, but for my money the best performance of the year was from Joaquin Phoenix in The Master. That may […]