The Bioscopist Podcast #20 – Michael Douglas has Cunnilingus Cancer, After Earth, Shadow Dancer & Blockbuster Game

We didn’t see much this week but felt we had plenty to say. Firstly we talk about Philip Seymour Hoffman’s heroin snorting fortnight. Michael Douglas and his cunnilingus induced throat cancer. Wax on about After Earth – A Will Smith and his “Dumb weiner-kid” production, which according to Matt has links to Scientology. I then […]

The Bioscopist Podcast #19 – Star Trek, Mud & Special Effects Techniques

All of us here at the Bioscopist finally managed to go see a film together and that film was Mud. We totally enjoyed the hell out of it as two of our favourite actors Matthew McConaughey and, future Man of Steel villain, Michael Shannon brought their A-games to this. The other film we managed to […]

The Bioscopist Podcast #18 – The Apocalyptic Films Episode

Hey boys and girls, it’s the APOCALYPSE!……or maybe it’s 2Pacalypse Now…I’m not 100% sure on that. Either way, Court thought it would be a good idea to do an apocalyptic themed podcast as he happened to watch a few post-apocalyptic films over the last couple of weeks, which is not that surprising considering Court exudes […]