Funny or Die Releases the First STEVE JOBS Biopic


I was planning on going to the Sundance London Film Festival this week, but the lineup was pretty weak. A lot of the big hitters from Colorado were unfortunately left out, thereby making it hard to justify the expense of travelling all the way to London. I was hoping to see Ashton Kutcher’s potential train wreck…I mean passion project, jOBS, about the former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. I figured there would be plenty of shitty acting and laughable seventies inspired fake beards to make a scathing review enjoyable, but alas this will have to wait. Fortunately though, FunnyOrDie has beat Kutcher to the punch by being the first to release their own feature length biopic.

iSteve is a comical love letter to the Apple founder that I’m willing to bet has more ‘heart’ than Kutchers film will. Justin Long, of the Apple vs. PC ads and Dodgeball fame, takes on the lead role of Jobs. An inspired choice indeed. The film clocks in at a succinct 78min, so pop some clothes in the dryer break open a beer and put your iPhone into airport mode…shits about to get real deep y’all. One of my favourite bits is when Jobs, Wozniak and Gates are programming the Apple 2, and all they do is smash a bunch of motherboards with hammers, which is frankly more realistic than any Hollywood hacking tropes using virtual reality and quacking ducks* to access the sub-routine**. There’s also a an encounter with Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan, in which the two drop acid at Woodstock ’94 – Spoiler Alert – Billy Corgan may have invented the iPod.

There’s also a disclaimer at the end which is refreshingly truthful…

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. In fact, everything you just saw is totally fictitious. A few of the names used might belong to real people, but literally everything that happened in this story was totally fake. Also, you have to admit some parts were pretty far-fetched or just plain impossible. Those scenes should have been a dead giveaway that this is a work of dubious realism. Point is, none of it happened. It’s all fictional, phoney baloney, a big crock of shit

You can see the full film here. []

*As seen in Hackers, starring a boyish Angelina Jolie.

** I have no idea what those are…also in Hackers.


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