REVIEW: Olympus has Fallen


Like Die Hard on crack. I think that sums up the film quite well. The premise of the film is a common theme of action thrillers involving some bastard terrorist group trying to destroy *insert American icon here*, which for the case of Olympus has fallen is American freedom by destroying its nukes and killing the president… yawn.

Actually it’s quite topical, the tension in the Korean peninsular spurs antagonist Rick Yune (Die another day, The Fast and the Furious) whose poker face is second to none, to hijack the White House, only for lone superhero Gerard Butler, and his poor American accent, to save the day by taking on scores of terrorists. Forget the idea that it’s all unlikely, the plot revolves around Butler being a super fit, ex-forces bodyguard who has personal issues got fired, but sticks around and thankfully saves the day. This has occurred many times in the film’s genre (The last boy scout, Passenger 57, Fifth Element, Lockout…)

To be fair to the film, it does start off deceptively slow only to launch the viewer into a fast paced hour of constant action as the unbelievable task to taking over one of the world’s most protected building unfolds before your eyes. Then, cue the unnecessary shot of a torn Spangled banner floating down representing the fall of “freedom” (excuse me while I puke). Soon the action slows down and an attempt at tension is acted out. It’s nice to see Morgan Freeman play president for a while, but he’s barely in the film.

The gun-toting hero does save the film as well as the day. Butler goes from strength to strength, and if you’ve seen his other films like 300 or Lara Croft: Tomb raider, you’ll know he plays the “action” role well. The effects are believable and the lack of soundtrack heightens the impact of the shots and explosions. If you want a film to watch at home, this is the one for you. You can go get a beer or even go to the toilet whenever there’s a vomit inducing seen of “America is sad” or “America is happy”. I wouldn’t go and see it in the cinema though unless you’re with Kim Jong-Un who’ll be whooping for most of the film until the end where the unfortunate embrace of how God loves America is reiterated.

I started off with a comparison to Die Hard which is valid as they are similar. It had a simpler, more realistic plot with better scenes, better acting and more distinguishable characters, not least more memorable quotes. Other than Butler and Yune, all the other characters blend in, although their tit-for-tat mini-battles throughout the film make the viewing worthwhile. Best quote: “How about we play a game of go-fuck-yourself… you go first”




  1. Good review Stu. It’s as loud, stupid, and dumb as you can get, but still buckets of fun with buckets of blood and CGI. If that sort of thing doesn’t bother you enough.

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