The Bioscopist Podcast #14 – Film Ratings, Trailers, Tropes and MoCap


This particular podcast was a little film-lite, but dont let that stop you from listening to us milk the comedy udders for all it’s worth. Court gives his merketing schtick another go and we then move onto checking out some trailers. One in particular is for 70’s B-movie, starring Sean Connery, called Zardoz. It looked like one big acid trip. Mat reviews The Ides of March. Stu waxes lyrically about Liam NeeSonSSSS: Wolf Puncher, a.k.a The Grey before finally looking at MoCap artiste Andy Serkis.

*Also forgot to mention that a fellow blogger in Canada is trying to raise some funds to create documentary. Check out their Indiegogo page for details on helping to fund a worthy project: Calling All Cinemaniacs

Calling all Cinemaniacs! is a 10 part web series to be featured on, documenting her quest to track down other cinemaniacs where they gather and find out:

How they developed the condition of cinemania?

How this disorder rules their lives?

Exactly how many original movie posters they have in their homes?

And can she buy one of those off of them?

What exactly is the greatest movie ever made?

Calling all Cinemaniacs! will explore the nature of why we love cinema so much and wonder if there is a cure, even though we don’t really want one.

Key and Peele – Liam NeeSonSSSS sketch

Trailer for Zardoz

00:00 – 01:25 Introduction
01:25 – 08:55 Our market research by genuine gurus, who like yak milk, and the Tweetcast.
08:55 – 13:00 Film rating systems
13:00 – 15:05 Gillian McKeith – The Poo “Doctor”
15:05 – 16:19 Soderbergh’s last film Side Effects has a spoiler filled trailer.
16:19 – 17:19 What’s your favourite Soderbergh film?
17:19 – 20:39 Michael Bay’s Pain ‘n Gain and weightlifting douchebags
20:39 – 27:17 We watch the hilarious Zardoz trailer.
27:17 – 30:00 JAMES FRANCO NEWS! – Oz
30:00 – 33:02 Matt talks about Baby Goose’s Ides of March
33:02 – 35:35 Stu talks about The Grey a.k.a “Liam NeeSonSSSS : Wolf Puncher”
35:35 – 36:00 Who’s better Nicholas Cage or John Travolta?
36:00 – 44:22 Tropes that need to die: The informed Ability and Smart Kids
44:22 – 45:39 Will Myspace be reborn as a hipster Facebook?
45:39 – 48:30 Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves can GTFO!
48:30 – 51:14 CGI becoming a bigger part of filmmaking
51:14 – 53:50 Andy Serkis for MoCap Oscar!…or just use a crackhead.
53:50 – 54:13 Closing

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Twitter Handles:

@MattCoulshed – Matt

@Tanglefist – Court

@TheBioscopist – Stu


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