The Bioscopist Podcast #13 – Oscars 2013, Killer Joe, Tropes, Hackers in Movies

oscars22-620x400I’ve just managed to finally catchup on some much needed sleep, after staying up late into the early hours of the morning, to watch the live Academy Awards unfold on my TV screen in little old England. Anyway…we managed to record a podcast that same day, so forgive me if I sound a little dazed and confused. I’d only had 3 hrs sleep. We started off with a quick recap of the Oscars. Who won what. Then Court and I talked about William Friedkin’s Killer Joe, which turned out to be quite a different film from what we were expecting and made all of us laugh at very inappropriate points, but was thoroughly enjoyable overall.  We then touched on the “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” Trope. And finally looked at the portrayal of hackers in the films of the 90’s.

•    00:00-00:42 – Introduction

•    00:42-05:40 – Court consults our marketing research and reveals our weak performance in hitting key demographics #Swag

•    05:40-10:38 – Court and Stu discuss William Friedkin’s darkly comic film Killer Joe

•    10:38-15:25 – OSCAR 2013 TALK: Christoph Waltz won Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars. And we listen to his wacky answers when talking to the press. Best Actress nominations.

•    15:25-16:19 Qhuvenzane Wallis is a BEEP! The Onion screws up.

•    16:20-18:15 Other Awards of the night. Skyfall wins song and ties with Zero Dark Thirty for Sound Editing.

•    18:15-19:12 My Searching for Sugar Man prediction cam true when it won Best Documentary. Also my other predictions for the night and my gambling paid off.

•    19:12-19:52 The age and voting demographic of the Academy.

•    19:52-21:26 Argo wins Best Picture and Seth MacFarlene makes a good joke about Afflecks Director snub. And mention Ang Lee’s deserved win for Life of Pi

•    21:26-22:08 Seth MacFarlene’s lame performance as the host.

•    22:08-24:19 Mumsnet slang and picking up MILFs

•    24:19-28:12 Movie Tropes video form Feminist Frequency about the “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”

•    28:12-28:40 Hugh Jacked-Man saves the day and sings a song.

•    28:40-41:55 Hackers in movies of the 90’s. Checkov’s blow job, the lesser known trope. We comment on the Hackers trailer and then Sandra Bullocks The Net. REMEMBER TO MAKE A COPY OF THE DISC!!

•    41:55-43:17 Gun trope – Why do guns make waaaay to much noise? Why do both the villain and the hero run out of bullets at the same time? Guns that drop, don’t miss-fire?

•    43:17-45:49 Quick antonym movie title guessing game

⁃    Clean Sally = Dirty Harry
⁃    Waltz Days
⁃    Death of 7/22
⁃    Small Solutions in Large Monaco
⁃    Live Soft
⁃    Prey
⁃    Lay Down
⁃    String Him
⁃    Fixed Front Valley

•    45:49-46:40 Wrap up and Close!

1. Christoph Waltz answering a reporters question in the funniest way possible

2. The Manic Pixie Dream Girl Trope

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