OSCARS 2013 – Best Actor is Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln)

Daniel+Day-Lewis+-+OscarsWell, we can all now officially call Daniel Day-Lewis “The Greatest Actor Alive®” as he has just picked up his third Best Actor Oscar win. His first was for playing cerebral palsy painter, Christy Brown, in My Left Foot. His second Oscar came in Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2007 film There Will Be Blood, as Daniel Planview. And now his third is for playing, another real-life individual, in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. It’s hard to imagine any other male actor coming close to this achievement. His only equivalent in this field is Kathryn Hepburn who has a slightly better haul of 4 Oscar wins (all 4 for Best Actress).

Here are a few clips I’ve arranged to illustrate the genius of the one they call “The Mad Scientist”

1) As himself being interviewed about his method of acting:

2) As Christie Brown in ‘My Left Foot’

3) As Bill the Butcher in ‘Gangs of New York’

4) “In the Name of the Father”

5) As Daniel Planview in ‘There Will be Blood’

6 As Lincoln…


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