The Bioscopist Podcast #12 – BAFTAs, Argo, Vin Diesel Loves D&D

podcast the bioscopist episode 6

Once again, it’s time for Britannia’s best loved movie podcast. Today we trialled our new sound system for allowing us to play audio clips off youtube directly into the podcast, which has added a whole new dimension to things….what’s next I hear you shout. A sound board per chance? maybe…we’ll see how it goes. On Sunday night it was the BAFTAs so we talked a little about the success of Ben Aflleck’s Argo and what this means for the Oscars in 2 weeks. Then we discussed what we watched over the last week, played some audio clips of Vin Diesel talking about his love of Dungeons and Dragons, Censorship and had a crack at making sound effects with our very own mouths.

1. Vin Diesel Clip – talking about D&D

2. Myths regarding Censorship

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