LIVE BLOG: 2013 BAFTA Awards

2013 Baftas23:00 PM (GMT)-

Well that’s it folks! Tonight has been a great night….but ultimately this has shown up the Oscars in big way…especially when awards concerned Ben Affleck. Best Actress was also a bit of shock with Riva beating Lawrence. It’ll be interesting to see what impact these awards have on the voting public for the Oscars in 2 weeks.

Night x

22:52 PM (GMT)-

Well done Ben Affleck and Clooney for Best Picture for ARGO…Let’s see how the Oscars handles that!

22:47 PM (GMT)-

If Best Picture is Argo here, it’ll be Oscars all round for Ben Affleck…except best director of course

22:43 PM (GMT)-

I would love Pheonix to win, but DDL is a safe choice…..And of course he wins! Looks like this will be a third Oscar win for DDL in a fortnight.

22:40 PM (GMT)-

Emmanuel Riva was so pimp, she didn’t bother showing up to collect….or maybe she’s just old….and wants to go to bed early.

oh…and David O. Russell was not impressed…


22:38 PM (GMT)-

This has got to be between J-Law and Chastain

22:33 PM (GMT)-

Another interesting one here for Best director….if Bigelow or Affleck win it’ll be a bad rep for the OSCARs….and wouldn’t you know ‘ol B-man Affleck wins Best Director! Suck on them apples the Academy.

22:30 PM (GMT)-

Not a lot of people know that the Les Mes film adaptation was inspired by Bill O’Reilly. “Fuck It!, We’ll do it LIVE!”

22:27 PM (GMT)-

YES! Searching for Sugar Man has won the Best Documentary. Surely Bendjellol will win the Oscar now. How about a blue coin or some silver magic ships?

22:25 PM (GMT)-

Okay….so Superman is British?!?

22:23 PM (GMT)-

I see dead people….badaboomsh!

22:20 PM (GMT)-

mmm, You dont want Madonna singing your praises. Anyway well done to Juno Temple. Wearing that merkin clearly made all the difference.

22:15 PM (GMT)-

I think towards the beginning of the year…The Intouchables was the favourite, but Amour has knocked everyone else out the park.

22:13 PM (GMT)-

Looks like Fry’s Lincoln “doesn’t always do well in a Theatre” joke didn’t register with the audience.

22:10 PM (GMT)-

Watching the Lincoln feature make me wonder if Daniel Day-Lewis will win “The Daniel Day-Lewis Award for Acting”

22:08 PM (GMT)-

Well she may be modest, but she needs to learn to be succinct.

22:00 PM (GMT)-

Congrats David O. Russell on Best adapted screenplay. This might seem like a minor win, but it cou… Bradley Cooper crying???

21:56 PM (GMT)-

Now, this is the film that could cause a BIG upset to the voting for the OSCARS in 2 weeks. If Zero Dark 30 wins Best Film tonight it’ll either push the momentum behind it or make the American Academy look out of touch.

21:52 PM (GMT)-

If she says she didn’t prepare a speech, I’m calling bullshit

21:50 PM (GMT)-

Just give the award to Hathaway already….we all know she’s going to win

21:47 PM (GMT)-

The SFX category is also quite a tough one….but it’s given to LIFE OF PI!!! (*Chris Rock is still SCREAMING!)

21:45 PM (GMT)-

JEEZUZ! Chris Rock needs to turn down the VOLUME! SHOUTING!

21:43 PM (GMT)-

Fry knocks it out of the park with his line: “The great Russian actor…Gerard Depardieu“. Relating to the actors change of citizenship from French to Russian to avoid the heavy tax rates. BURN!

21:41 PM (GMT)-

It’s always nice to hear a bit of M83….congrats the producers behind THE IMPOSTER

21:37 PM (GMT)-

Oh Billy Connelly. Death mask on a stick indeed.

21:34 PM (GMT)-

Congrats Christoph Waltz, looks like this could mean a double Oscar for him, under Quentin Tarantino’s helm

21:30 PM (GMT)-

Sooo…who’s gonna take the best supporting actor. It’s a tough one. All nominees are past award winners, but I’m hoping it goes to Phillip Seymour Hoffman for PTA’s The MASTER.

21:25 PM (GMT)-

QTizzle wins for Best Original Screenplay

21:24 PM (GMT)-

Skyfall wins best British Film…no surprises there! Also just realised that Winkleman is doing the V.O.

21:20 PM (GMT)-

So far so good. Stephen Fry’s opening monologue was quintessentially British.



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