LFF Review: The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology

I had no idea Slavo Zizek was working on a follow-up to his, intellectual and philosophically humorous, break-out film The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema – which is a must see for any true cinephile. So when I arrived at the festival and noticed a film called The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology, I knew I had to see it. Zizek’s spit-driven monologues are as beautiful to listen to as any lengthy Bob Dylan song.

In Guide to Ideology, Zizek uses the same cinematic backdrop to juxtapose himself into the scenes being Psychoanalysed, with the emphasis being more on ideology itself. I’m never sure if the humour is directly from Zizek himself or if the Director (Sophie Fiennes) is picking up on his awkward nature and putting him in the correct spot for maximum laughter.

I’ve enjoyed listening to Zizek speak, but my major criticism for this film is that a solid ninety minutes of him lecturing to you at rapid pace is too much for the viewer to handle – at least for me, anyway. I think it was a genius idea to split the last film Guide to Cinema into a three part miniseries, that way you can have some time to absorb the morsels of wisdom in manageable sittings. I kept yawning so many times that I began to lose my sense of time and ninety minutes seemed like three hours.

The film was funded by Film4, an arm of the Channel 4 network, which produces these types of documentaries for TV, so I’d expect them to split the film in two with commercial breaks. There is currently no trailers available, so I’ve attached a clip from The Perverts Guide to Cinema to give you a taste of Zizek’s performance, as well as an animation which goes along with his talk on “Green Capitalism – Starbucks” – which is mentioned in the film.



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