Adam Scott and John Hamm are ‘Simon and Simon’

Lately the lines between movie and TV star are becoming more and more blurred, so I feel I’m justified in occasionally talking about the odd small screen phenomenons, like this one, involving Adam Scott and John Hamm – recreating, shot-by-shot the introduction to Simon & Simon, a detective series that ran on CBS for eight seasons between 1981-1989

The idea seems to be all Scott’s, but long time friend Hamm has lent his hand to re-create this comical gem. Adding to the already growing evidence that Hamm is more than his stoic character, Don Draper, on Mad Men. With his regular guest appearances on Saturday Night Live, he’s proved his versatility in comedy as well.

Hosted by Jeff Probst, the first ten minutes of the special went “behind the scenes” of Hamm and Scott’s production, which was to be “directed” by Paul Rudd. In the fictionalized world in which this special operates, Hamm had no time for Scott (in actuality, they’re great friends), and Kathryn Hahn is not an American actress, but a German ballet instructor. [THR]


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