Intel & Toshiba Present: ‘The Beauty Inside’ with Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Normally I wouldn’t be caught promoting product placements or commercials on this site. So for me to draw any attention to this joint venture between Intel and Toshiba, will of course warrant a cautious read. But don’t worry readers, the offshoot from this particular venture has yielded a gem in the form of a 6-part short film, utilising social media to string the narrative together, quite beautifully I might add.

This episodic love story follows Alex, who wakes up everyday looking like someone else, never forming a single meaningful relationship, until he meets antique store assistant Leah (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Sort of like Dr. Who, but on a daily basis. Directed by Like Crazy’s Drake Doremus, we have a beautifully executed short film series that doesn’t shove marketing down your throat, which is a lot more subtle and smart than most forms of advertising campaigns. I’d be more than happy to sit through a series of short films like this than listening to a crappy jingle, designed lodge itself in my brain, but inevitably irritate the hell out of me. On the note of music….the soundtrack for this is also superbly picked.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is obviously the stand out in this…yes, she’s the consistent face we see, unlike the character of Alex, but that shouldn’t detract you from her performance. Winstead has always impressed me with her smart role choices – Ramona Flowers is probably her most well-known role in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Topher Grace, from That 70’s Show fame, provides the constant by voicing the internal monologue of Alex.

All 6 episodes of the series are listed below. Enjoy…



  1. This is a pretty interesting use of marketing through social media (YouTube in this case) by Intel and Toshiba. While these 6 parts linked together are not strict commercials, the Toshiba product placements are evident well throughout while still grabbing the audience’s attention through a well done story. This is a great way of getting this type of marketing/advertising out there with YouTube because people and companies use YouTube every day. I think this is a very smart “ad campaign” for Toshiba and Intel to get people to think about using Toshiba products more. Also, this is a new form of marketing from what I’ve seen so other companies might get the idea to do their own advertising through more outlets of social media such as this.


  1. […] collaborations with the film industry recently. Earlier in the year they produced the charming Beauty inside campaign with several short films starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, best known for her role as […]

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