Werner Herzog goes into the abyss…with band The Killers

Only one of us is a dummy….

Werner Herzog has been picked to shoot The Killers live gig webcast at 7pm EST today, which seems like an interesting choice, to say the least. The film-maker is well known for his monosyllabic Bavarian tone and deeply introspective monologues heard throughout many of his documentaries, but this time he’s applied his trade following the band as they prepare for a live performance, promoting their latest album “Battle Born“.

“He has ideas for someone crowd-surfing with a camera on,” says Killers bassist Mark Stoermer, speaking by phone from London. “He’s gonna put cameras on Ronnie [Vannucci, Jr.] while he’s playing drums.”

Stoermer says the band chose Herzog for his unique ideas, and the filmmaker seems to be taking his work seriously. When he met with the musicians in their home city of Las Vegas a couple weeks ago, Herzog told them he’d watch previous installments in the series to see what other directors had done.

“He wanted to not make any mistakes that any of the other directors may have made,” Stoermer says. “He definitely wanted to make the best version of this live AMEX performance of any director so far.”

It does sound like an interesting mismatch, but the killers are a bit of a contradiction in music themselves. Lead singer Brandon Flowers is a Mormon family man, who plays rock ‘n roll and lives no more than 5 min from the Las Vegas strip.

My favourite quote from Herzog’s grizzly man (2006):

I believe the common denominator of the Universe is not harmony, but chaos, hostility and murder.

Here is a short documentary made by Herzog in the lead up to the live gig…

[Via Rolling Stone]


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