US Ambassador to Libya killed because of THIS Shitty Film

Daniel Day-Lewis aint got shit on ME!

Unfortunately today’s major film related news is dominated by the attack on a consulate and safe house in Libya, in which the US Ambassador to Libya was killed along with three other members of staff. Another attack was also reported at the US Embassy in Cairo, Egypt. The reason for the attack has stemmed from an obscure B-Movie, with an anti-Islamic theme called Innocence of Muslims. The ‘Genius’ behind the film is a Israeli-American real estate developer named Sam Bacile – What an Im-Bacile, amiright? He released a lengthy extended trailer a few months ago, which got the Koran Burning preacher, Terry Jones all excited. Next thing you know, Libyan media had a field day with the clips from the trailer and all hell broke loose.

Angered by reports in the Egyptian media that members of the Coptic Christian diaspora in Washington had produced a crude film mocking the Muslim prophet, protesters climbed the walls of the United States Embassy in Cairo on Tuesday and tore down the American flag. Later, a Libyan security official told Reuters that armed militiamen had attacked the United States consulate in Benghazi, killing a staff member.

A a 14-minute trailer for the English-language film, which was posted on YouTube in July, attracted little attention until last week, when a version dubbed into Arabic was posted on the same YouTube channel and then copied and viewed tens of thousands of times more. [NY Time Blog]

The film in question is so fucking stupid and badly acted, that it makes free porno look Oscar worthy. As Vince Mancini so eloquently summed it up:

The tragedy here being, of course, that when dumbasses kill people over a dumbass film made by other dumbasses, you’d hope that the dead would at least be more dumbasses. Sadly, dumbasses, can’t aim, and some innocent diplomats paid the price. [Filmdrunk]

Well said Vince. But then the following update became available….

UPDATE: Turns out Terrorists had been planning the attacks for the 9/11 anniversary, for quite some time, and used the unruly mob (rallying against the shitty film) as a cover. Plus Sam Bacile may not be a real person, but just a cover for some Coptic Egyptian Evangelicals.

In a report for The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg spoke to a militant Christian from Riverside, Calif., named Steve Klein, who says he had a consulting role on the film. He cast doubt on Bacile’s story.
“I don’t know that much about him,” Klein said. “I met him, I spoke to him for an hour. He’s not Israeli, no. I can tell you this for sure, the state of Israel is not involved, Terry Jones (the Koran-burning radical Christian pastor) is not involved. His name is a pseudonym. All these Middle Eastern folks I work with have pseudonyms. I doubt he’s Jewish. I would suspect this is a disinformation campaign.”
Klein added that he believed that the people funding the project were not Israeli, but from Syria, Turkey, Pakistan and Egypt. He added that they probably were Coptic Egyptians and Evangelicals.
Further, there is doubt that the film was even the cause of the attacks that claimed the life of Stevens and the three other Americans.
CNN is reporting that an attack such as the one that killed Stevens, with rocket-launched grenades, would have required pre-planning and likely is the work of Al Qaeda in North Africa. That group swore revenge for the June killing of a senior leader of the terror group Abu Yahya al-Libi and has struck in Benghazi before. [THR]

Here’s the 13min extended trailer that caused all the hoopla…


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