Disney seems to be in the business of making kids cry these days, or so it seems, after these ‘great’ parents filmed there two sons crying there eyes out after seeing the film The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Warning spoilers on the way…

Cindy (Jennifer Garner) and Jim Green (Joel Edgerton), a couple residing in Stanleyville, are told they are unable to conceive, so they dream up their ideal child and write the child’s characteristics and life events on pieces of paper. The Greens place the notes inside a box and bury it in their backyard. After a stormy night, a ten-year-old arrives at their doorstep, claiming the Greens as his own. Soon they realize that the child, named Timothy, is actually a plant, and is a culmination of all their wishes. [synopsis]

So you’re probably asking yourself, where does it all go wrong? What could possibly cause these two kids to ball their eyes out? Well I’ll let these two champs tell you…

“He had to die and I didn’t want him to,” howls the younger boy, referring to the death of a central character who meets his end at the film’s denouement.

Though his mom attempts to console him — rationalizing the inevitability of death in the “circle of life” — the child was having none of it.

“But it was so sad. It was just so sad,” the boy says, sobbing. “I didn’t want him to.”

[via Huff Post]

And if you’re curious to see what the trailer looks like….



  1. sanclementejedi says:

    I would ship these two pudgy crybabies off to military school in about 3 minutes. šŸ˜‰

    Seriously though, my main reason for stopping by and checking out your blog was to say welcome aboard the LAMB. Congrats on joining and I hope to see you on the forums.

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