Court, Matt & Stu

We’ve been talking about making a podcast, for The Bioscopist, for a few months now and finally got it done. Completing several practise runs, before finally settling on the trio of ear rapists you have in front of you now. So here you have it, the pilot episode of the Bioscopist Monzocast – the ‘monzo’ bit is a portmanteau of ‘movie’ and ‘gonzo’ (pretty pretentious hu?).

With my fellow monzo co-hosts, Court & Matt, we discussed The Bourne Legacy, the new Bond film Skyfall, Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, the rebooted Robocop and Court managed to sabotage the podcast by talking about Love Actually – what a dick. In the future we hope to improve on our podcasting performance, by reducing the number ‘ums & ahs’,  and try to release a new episode every couple of weeks.

So if you want to get it touch, hit us up on our Facebook group, on Twitter or Email. You can also subscribe to The Monzocast through iTunes




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