Carbs are for pussys!

It seems, heavyweight boxer, David Haye, wasn’t too impressed with Batman, but rather his rival, Bane. While being interviewed by the Sun Newspaper and he mentioned how impressed he was with the actor, Tom Hardy’s conditioning for The Dark Knight Rises. Jokingly setting a challenge to fight in the ring.

Me and Tom Hardy, that would be a good fight for sure. He has got in fantastic shape – he looks like an absolute tank. He can be my next opponent. [Haye]

Well it looks like Hardy has heard about the challenge and conditionally accepted the theoretical fight. His conditions are pretty simple. Give the ticket/TV revenue, from the match, to several hand picked charities, namely: military charity Help for Heroes, The Prince’s Trust, an organisation aimed at helping young people, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Bowel & Cancer Research and homeless charity FLACK. Well if that doesn’t seem like a good enough reason to get these two into a ring then I don’t know what else will.

Hardy v Hayemaker? No problem. Let me take my make-up off first. I’ll fight him as soon as I get back from the Congo with my mates if he wants. I’ve never fought a professional heavyweight, it’ll be an experience. I would obviously prefer my first professional fight to be against someone in my weight category but hey-ho. Let’s have it. We all know how this is going to end don’t we… not good for Tommy. I’ll have (boxers) Clay O’Shea as trainer and Joe Calzaghe on cuts in my corner. [Hardy]

Sounds like it’s all locked and loaded, now we just need the respective legal teams to get their shit together. Hardy vs. Haymaker – Let’s make it ‘appin! If you have any doubts on Hardy’s skill level, then take a look at this:

[Via The Sun]


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