This is what the British version of Entourage would look like

For those of you, like myself, who had low expectations for the London Olympics opening ceremony, I can safely say that I was pleasantly surprised to see the Queen partake in a bit of theatrics. This is truly a once in a lifetime moment, as the Queen has never been directly involved in performances to this degree before. Usually just taking the role of esteemed spectator. The royal corgis also make their acting debut, but probably wont give Uggie, the Jack Russel from The Artist, a run for his Golden Collar award.

We’ve always known that the Queen is a huge Bond fan, due to the Royal Premieres it opens at, so it was awesome to see Her Royal Highness fulfill a Kodak moment, that all of us could only imagine. So well done Danny Boyle for including the British sense of humour in your opening ceremony…now excuse me while I rock out to some Dizzy Rascal.

And long live the Queen!

And here’s the latest Skyfall TV spot…




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