step up to the beats..yo yo

David Chen, from slashfilm-cast, tweeted this YouTube link of Tom Hardy and is baby son, Louis, having a “hip-hop” rap session while taking an afternoon stroll through London. After seeing Hardy in TDKR, I really want to go back and see his earlier films. It might be too early to call, but Hardy and Fassbender might be the new Pacino and De Niro of our generation. Or maybe it’s the Godfather themed ringtone in the background, subliminally telling me that.. I’ve heard Bronson is his film that got him the initial attention, so i’ll make sure to check it out.



  1. […] Every now and again you stumble across a parody video that hasn’t quite gone viral yet, and you feel like you’ve discovered a gem. The makers of this Dark Knight Rises video (Auralnauts), which features the vocal talents of a Bane impersonator, are pure genius. It’s been edited and dubbed so well you’d almost mistake it for the real thing. There’s no point in me rambling on any longer, so check out the video below….but if you want to see the real voice behind bane (a.k.a Tom Hardy) rap for realzees then check out him and is son on a London stroll. […]

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