…”Yes, I farted. So what, I’m the Master….Bitches”

I thought it would be ages before we got to see a full length trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, but out of nowhere we get this 2 minute plus slice of fried gold – not since the trailer for There Will Be Blood, have I been this excited for movie. This will, without a doubt, be one of the big Oscar contenders for 2013.

The film covers some controversial, and perhaps topical, material. It’s been called the Paul Thomas Anderson (PTA) “Scientology Film”. Here’s the premise of the film, shedding some light as to why it’s earned that title:

A charismatic intellectual (Hoffman) launches a religious organization following World War II. A drifter (Phoenix) becomes his right-hand man but as the faith begins to gain a fervent following, the drifter finds himself questioning the belief system and his mentor

The “faith-based organization”, called The Cause, draws heavily on the story of how Scientology become the religion it is today – expect a lot of picketing from around the time of release.  But producers have been saying this is not the case…wink wink. Philip Seymour Hoffman also plays a character named Lancastor Dodd, which seems like a spot on L. Ron Hubbard (Founder of Scientology).

The other interesting story surrounding the film is that PTA invited, Scientologist #1, Tom Cruise to an early private screening. Word is he didn’t like it a whole lot, but you have to admire the balls on PTA to pull a stunt like that, but at the same time you can understand why he would do it, considering the two worked together on another of PTA’s films called Magnolia. So they must have had a decent working relationship, for PTA to want to smooth things over, before the films release. Also it was quite funny that Katie Holmes (not related) decided to jump ship approximately a month after the screening – which makes me wonder if she was there too.


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