Damn, I feel like I didn’t bring enough necklaces with me

News has just come in confirming Johnny Depp will be working with Wes Anderson, and his regular ensemble in the upcoming The Grand Budapest Hotel – otherwise known as Wes Anderson’s ‘Euro Movie’. He plans to shoot the film in France; A place he is starting to call home.

Over the years it seems Johnny Depp has gravitated towards directors who can only handle one thematic style at a time. He’s explored the Gothic undertones of Burton’s films, but with Wes Anderson he will be thrust into a world of whimsy – from which most collaborators never return. Another of Anderson’s muses, Bill Murray, has taken to the whimsical lifestyle like a lazy harp seal, making it look effortless. Sometimes I think he gets paid in pot and rum, so long as he remembers his lines. Interesting point, both Depp and Murray have played Hunter S. Thompson, so I wonder who gets to shotgun the first bong of the day, while on location.

Anderson’s latest film, Moonrise Kingdom, only goes to confirm the theory even further and establishes him as the new Tim Burton – forever stuck in his own single track vision, getting ever more “Wes Anderson-ey” than before. His eye for detail matches Burton’s stitch for stitch, while his troupe of actors remains constantly loyal, showing up whenever needed. It’s almost a surprise that Depp hasn’t been tempted to hop on board the Rushmore school bus before.

I for one am excited to see the tropical fruits of this collaboration. I just wonder how Anderson will control the number necklaces and headgear Depp gets to wear in his films – that dude needs an intervention.


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