International Man of Leakage

A fictionalized film on the dating life of wikileaks head honcho, Julian Assange, is to be directed by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Cyril Tuschi. Hang on just a minute…the film is about a guy named ASSange directed by another guy, who’s name sounds like tooshy? Seriously?! Anyway the films script is called Leaks – Three Dates with Harry Harrison.

Cyril came up with the fact that Assange had been involved in internet dating using the screen name of Harry Harrison. So, the film recounts three dates with Harry Harrison taking place in 2010.

Wow…I’m not sure if I’m supposed to gleam anymore wordplay from Harry Harrison – is he a fan of Harrison Ford or just trying to subtly imply that he is naird down under?

One date is in Iceland when he was establishing a organization that would change journalism, democracy and the internet. Then we jump to the second date with a fan in Sweden where he is the man of the moment and feted like a popstar … Finally, there is an internet date in a manor house in London, with ‘Harrison’ all by himself wearing an electronic tag, third date being with a woman journalist who reflects on where he has ended up. The film will chart the rise and fall of someone who pits themselves against authority, a Robin Hood of the digital age who stumbles over his own personality. – The Guardian

Sounds like an awesome date movie for you and your significant ‘occupy wall street’ other. Like Valentines Day but more with more leaks…


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