Do you fancy seeing 25 minutes of the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie? You do? Well you’re in luck, because budding editor Sleepyskunk (definitely not a pot smoker) put together this 25 minute compilation, in plot order, of all the video that is in the public domain from the film’s promotional material. Using all the trailers, actor reels and making of featurettes to give us pretty good rundown of the entire plot – counting for approximately 20% of the expected run time for the full length movie. Something film studios are getting annoyingly good at, which is why I refuse to watch any more Dark Knight Rises trailers, since the first teaser.

Anyway, I could say spoiler alert, but in theory everything in this clip is already out there in one form or another…so enjoy:

[Via Rope of Silicone and Cinema Blend]

FOLLOW-UP: Despite the fact that this was made using only publicly available video supplied by Sony Pictures, the video was pulled from Vimeo. Says user SleepySkunk on Twitter: “I received no notice or anything. My account has been deleted off Vimeo as well.”

The Amazing Spider-Man in 25 Minutes from sleepyskunk on Vimeo.


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