steve jobs, ashton kutcherAs if it wasn’t bad enough living in a world were Asshole Kushton gets to make a Steve Jobs biopic, TMZ (see images here) managed to capture some, not so promising, snaps of Kutcher wearing what appears to be the iconic jeans and black turtle neck worn in all of Jobs’s major keynotes.  The problem I have with this is that Jobs only started wearing this uniform around the early 2000’s and if Kutcher’s film is supposed to be set in the early years of Apple, as evidenced by the hairstyle and beard, why is he wearing the wrong clothes? If I try to see this in a less pessimistic way and give Kutcher the benefit of the doubt, you could argue that he was just wearing the modern Jobs-gear to get into character – or maybe this is just an elaborate viral marketing technique to spark up controversy and keep people talking about his shitty passion project.

As long as Aaron Sorkin is working on an alternative script somewhere I’m cool – we all know what a great writer he is. Since he stopped snorting coke, Sorkin’s dialogue in movies has slowed down just enough for mere mortals to understand, but lost none of the wicked-smart banter. And how could someone who wrote the West Wing and the Social Network screw this one up?


[The cherry on top would of course be Noah Wyle reprising his role as Steve Jobs for Sorkins script]

[A few week ago we heard that Josh Gad has been cast in the supporting role of Steve Wozniak]



  1. ambienandfranzia says:

    Lame. Kutcher blows.


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