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Prometheus is getting dangerously close to revealing all it’s secrets before the film is even released on June 1, so waiting is made even more unbearable. The promo team has released a second featurette with some spoilerific dialogue and behind the scenes clips – one called Origins and the other called Creation. We better hope there’s a major, and I mean major twist – the kind that makes M Night Shyamalan films seem kindergarten-obvious, otherwise it wont feel so surprisingly awesome as you’d want it to be. I thought I’d add Entertainment Weekly’s Charlize Theron pic as i don’t think I’ve seen space suits that sexy.

Featurette 1:

Featurette 2:



  1. Anonymous says:

    Holy shit

  2. J Sheppard says:

    you’re entirely right, that is one sexy spacesuit

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a remake of Alien.

  4. Yeah I can understand their(RS and the writer’s) thesis. We are all just a bunch of pieces of meat waiting to be infected and harvested like cattle after multiple millenia have passed in order to procreate another race for the purpose of……continued existence.

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