You’re welcome Disney!

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This weekend proved to be a very profitable affair for The Avengers’ rights owner, Disney, when it managed to hulk-smash the previous US opening weekend take of $168.2 million, set by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, with an astounding $200.3 million! The Avengers opened the previous week internationally, in 52 countries, and collected a total of $441.5 million, bringing the total earnings so far to $641.8 million, in 2 weeks. The aforementioned Potter film is currently sitting in 3rd place, for the highest grossing film of all time, with James Cameron’s Titanic and Avatar in second and first place respectively. Avatar holds the record at $2.78 billion, due in part to the higher ticket prices for 3D screenings – something that The Avengers benefited from as well.

To put things into perspective, Avatar achieved a US domestic gross of $760 million, over its entire run, so you can easily see The Avengers breaking that by the end of this week, and joining the billion dollar box office club, of which there are only eleven other films. The Avengers also shows a popular response in both male and female audiences with an almost even split, which is something special when you consider that the stereotypical male comic book fan is seen as the target audience. Which goes to show that all types of people are finding the film entertaining. Even the wittertaining film critic Mark Kermode said he liked it, which is a very rare thing to hear from the man who gave us this epic 10min rant on the evils of Pirates of the Caribbean – At Worlds End.

If you’ve not had a chance to read our Avengers review, see Craig O’Callaghan’s here. The films’ success can largely be credited to writer and director Joss Whedon, who made his name in TV with shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly. Whedon has always enjoyed critical acclaim, but has sometimes struggled to achieve the financial success needed to prove his worth. This is the case with Firefly, which won critical acclaim but was cancelled after only one season due to poor ratings. This time however, Whedon is sitting pretty as The Avengers is seen as a success on both fronts and he has won the respect of geeks everywhere. His trademark of including small talk and humour in his films is all over The Avengers, and makes it a more enjoyable and ultimately accessible film.

However, Disney are licking their wounds as the success of The Avengers will help to negate the mega losses of their earlier flop John Carter, which ended up losing $200 million at the box office. So going from the worst grossing film to possibly the best is quite the yo-yo trick. Disney CEO, Bob Iger, must be thanking his lucky stars that he bought Marvel Entertainment, back in 2009!

I went to see the film on opening weekend with a mixed group of friends, who were either fans or highly critical of the previous Marvel outings, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. This may be seen as a comic book blockbuster, but The Avengers is something else entirely. There are very few films that can make you feel as though the whole audience is enjoying the film together – like a group of friends on an inside joke. Even your parents will love it….$kerching!



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