I usually read the Guardian paper, but today the shop ran out of copies so I picked up The Independent instead. Flicking through the pages I got to a section called ‘The Opinion Matrix’ and started to read the sub heading for ‘The Hobbit Criticized’. Well wouldn’t you know, my favourite film blog Filmdrunk got mentioned, regarding the 48fps debacle. Although I have to say the 3 word quote used…

Everybody hated it.

…seemed a little too short and not at as colourful as I remember…

Frame rate…more like frame rape! Amiright?

It looks like the original source of the quote came from the Huffington Post and then filtered down to the Interdependent, like a bad version of Chinese whispers. Anyway here is the original source for your reading pleasure.

Here’s a scan of the story in the paper. The Filmdrunk quote is highlighted in yellow. At least Vince Mancini can say he shared a page, in a British paper, with the prime minister.


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