Josh Gad is Steve Wozniak - Kutcher film Jobs: Get Inspired

Num, Num, Num....iTwinkies!

Since I last reported on the Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs biography passion project, working title “Jobs: Get Inspired”, it has now been revealed who will play the Tonto to Kutcher’s Lone Ranger, Robin to his Batman…or in other words Jobs’s partner in crime and Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak.

Josh Gad, star of the Trey & Parker (South Park) smash The Book of Mormon, will take on the role. I’m not sure how well he will do, but when you’re attached to a film with such a high potential for DVD bargain bin greatness, why bother. There’s no point polishing a turd…it will still have Ashton’s stench all over it. All I can say is wait for the Aaron Sorkin script to hit the studios. With the Social Network, West Wing and A Few Good Men, you can expect Sorkin to give it all the time he needs to craft a great script. I’m still hoping like hell it’s Noah Wyle who gets the Jobs role.



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