I’m so glad I stumbled across this short film – It follows one highly industrious 9-year old boy named Cain, who during his summer holidays at his dad’s auto-parts shop, constructs his own arcade – using nothing but cardboard, tape, string and one hell of an imagination. You’ll be impressed with some of the contraptions he comes up with and perhaps feel nostalgic for the days when you were young and dreaming up cool designs for tree houses and such.

Film-maker Nirvan Mullick happened to wonder into the auto shop looking for a door handle and ended up being one of Cain’s first customers. Mullick felt inspired to make a short film about Cain’s Arcade and since then has organised a college fund for young Cain to go study engineering. Last I checked it had raised about $85’000 $171’000, so looking good.

If you’re not smiling at the end of this you have no soul.

[Update: Just found out that one of the song’s used in the film is by Ryan Gosling’s (a.k.a Baby Goose) band called “Dead Man’s Bones” – Proving yet again that Gosling can do no wrong – see saving a woman from a near traffic accident. The song can be found on Spotify]



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