Sacha Baron Cohen is back with an entirely new creation, The Dictator – unlike Borat, Bruno and Ali G, who all originated from Da Ali G Show. Cohen plays the Admiral General Aladeen, of fictional Middle Eastern country of the Republic of Wadiya,  who risks his life to ensure that democracy will never come to the country he so lovingly oppresses.

The film is loosely based on the ghost written novel by a former dictator – Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, called Zabibah and the King. Hussein’s novel had become legendary since it’s release in 2000 and again after his execution in Iraq. The novel was meant to be an allegory of the US invasion of Iraq at the end of the Persian Gulf War, but ended up as a cheesy romance novel, which everyone loved to hate and ridicule.

I’m looking forward to seeing Cohen in a feature this time as apposed to a mockumentary style film, which has become old and stale.  The full length trailer showing Anna Farris and Ben Kingsly is available below…

You’ve got to give Cohen credit for his marketing skills….he’s barely spent a dime on marketing and relied on viral videos like this one below to spread the word…



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