Apparently nobody liked the new Eddie Murphy film A Thousand Words. Rotten Tomatoes, which scored the film, gave it a miserable 0% fresh rating, joining the likes of Bucky Larson and Jaws 4 in contention for worst movie. The films premise sees Jack McCall (Murphy) learn the meaningful lesson of wisely choosing his words after deceitfully misleading a vengeful guru on a book deal. The guru places a curse on Jack, restricting him to a thousand words before death.

Who in their right minds would think it was a good idea to reduce the number of words fast-talking Eddie Murphy says in a comedy? His words are pretty much the vehicle for his humour. It’s equivalent to asking Jimmy Paige, from Led Zeppelin, to play Stairway to Heaven on an Air Guitar. Perhaps the producers were encouraged by the recent success of silent film The Artist. This picture, it seems, is not worth a thousand words…

“This movie smells like its best-before date was about two years ago.” —Vancouver Sun


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