Just got back from the Dodge Brothers gig at St. George’s in Bristol and boy was it wittertaining. I know this is very loosely film-related, but seeing as the good doctor is the best film critic out there, I thought it would be permissible to post a review.

Ever since their Culture Show appearance, way back in 2007, I’ve wanted to see the band perform live, but it took them 4 years to finally make it to Bristol. St. George’s was an interesting choice of venue as the concert hall had a former life as a parish church, up until 30 years ago, having been opened in 1832 by Rev. Lambton Hopper. It was quite odd taking my seat in a pew, as if I was about to witness a sermon in skiffle. The high ceiling and stained glass backing only seemed appropriate to the style of music performed on stage – with themes of life, homicide and heartbreak.

The opening act for the night was by local Bath duo, the Carrivick Sisters, who entertained the crowed with some bluegrass tunes, tight harmonies and some witty banter between changes, partly compering for the wittertaining doctor to follow.

Finally The Dodge Brothers walked on stage and began the night with some foot stomping and finger tapping Rockabilly. After the opening number, Mike Hammond (Lead Guitarist and Vocalist), explained to the crowd how Mark convinced them, 24 hrs before their infamous Culture Show appearance, that they were now indeed a skiffle band. Mike’s son, who is the drummer/percussionist of the band, was given a washboard, the night before and taught the art of skiffle, right there and then. This provided the opening for the band to perform the skiffle tune called ‘Number 9’.

I met Bono once and he said to me that the reason I probably didn’t like U2 was because I was jealous of their hairstyles and I replied ‘No, I just didn’t like everything’  – Kermode delivering a zing between changes

Towards the end of the gig, they played a few tracks of their new album Louisa and the Devil and jammed together with the Carrivick Sisters on Violin and Mandolin. I was worried the good doctor might forget to say ‘hello to Jason Isaacs‘, but in the nick of time (with some audience participation) he did.

Overall it was a great night, even if I did get a £25 parking fine…totally worth it to see both acts – good work Dr. K.


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