Does my bum look big in this?

For International (Wo)man’s day, We Are Equals (run by Annie Lennox) charity produced several videos with various celebrities to promote a debate on inequality amongst the sexes. Daniel Craig appears in one such video, where he walks into frame wearing the classic bond tuxedo, while Judi Dench educates us on the inequality faced by woman. Then next scene he enters in full drag.

To be honest I’m not sure how, Daniel Craig in drag, encourages debate on inequality, in much the same way that PETA’s yearly ‘I would rather were nothing than fur’ calendar encourages debate on the fur trade. Of course inequality is a problem, but using the celebrity in drag stunt just seems silly. Usually in these types of debates you’d expect your consciousness to be raised, but all I’m left with here is a dude in a dress. The shear weirdness of it, just distracts you from what Dench in saying in the background – ironic then that a man in a dress distracts you from what a woman is saying.

I think the money could have been spent on far better things….AIDS orphans or homeless shelters to name a few.




  1. He should stick to doing his serious pout face in the camera instead of trying to interrogate issues around inequality within the sexes.

    i didnt watch the video it just sounds absurd

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