jerry bruckheimer tweet for lone ranger

Film megalomaniac, Jerry Bruckheimer, second only to Michael Bay, tweeted out this first look at The Lone Ranger today. Based on the 80 year old film, television and radio hero, in an era when Cowboys and Indians dominated the scene. Armie Hammer, of The Social Network fame, plays the lead role, while Johnny Depp plays his sidekick Tonto, of the Sugar Hill Gang fame I presume.

Johnny Depp, becoming something of a Bruckheimer regular, is once again wearing a funny hat and the guy-liner/kiss makeup he’s been so fond of wearing recently. I’ll also assume that he’s decided to approach the role of Tonto with an impersonation of 70’s rock star, and Native American lover, Jim Morrison (I’m starting that rumour – what the hell). Because that is just what he does…

On a side note – The Green Hornet is actually a modern remake of The Lone Ranger with Kato replacing the original Tonto. I guess the creators got tired of pissing off Native Americans with offensive stereotypes, and instead decided it was much safer to annoy another race much further from home. How Bruckheimer manages to smooth that one over with Depp’s Tonto is anyone’s guess.

I believe this is the first official trailer…

PS: Thanks to Vince Mancini for the mention on his Morning Links page [Filmdrunk]



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