I don’t know about you guys but when I saw the 30 second spot, on TV for John Carter, it immediately reminded me of both The Phantom Menace and the recent flop Conan the Barbarian. Two films you really don’t want to remind people of when promoting your own film. Resulting in every negative thing, about those two films, clouding my perception and suggesting that John Carter would be a waste of my time. Now I’m not so sure…

I figured that would be the last I’d hear of John Carter, but then last week, a large number of critics started giving the film positive reviews. Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 75% fresh rating, which if you consider that critics begin foaming at the mouth for a good scathing, makes it all the more intriguing. So why then is the film not generating the buzz it seems to deserve? is the studio’s marketing of the film flawed?

Former Confederate captain John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) is mysteriously transported to Mars (“Barsoom”) where he becomes part of a conflict between the various nations of the planet, whose leaders include Tars Tarkas (Willem Defoe) and Princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins). Carter takes it upon himself to save Barsoom and its people from a growing threat [Walt Disney Pictures]

Perhaps it’s the lead actor, Taylor Kitsch, who is not the most famous of faces, having only previously appeared in a small role for X-Men Origins as Gambit. His major claim to fame though is for his role, as Tim Riggins, in the critically acclaimed TV series Friday Night Lights.

Other complaints have come from the dedicated fan-boys of the John Carter of Mars Book Series, who say that Disney was not the right choice to produce this. I disagree…Disney picked director/writer Andrew Stanton, of Finding Nemo and WALL-E fame, to direct his first live action debut for John Carter. My theory is that someone who can direct an award winning animation must surely be able to carry those story boarding skills into live action and perhaps have better understanding of how to piece it all together.

Michael Giacchino, provides the score for John Carter, and if any of you Lost fans are out there, you’ll remember his signature music throughout the series.

In response to the perceived vagueness of what John Carter is about, and perhaps to the over-CGI’d trailers, Disney has decided to release a 10min opening preview for the film to emphasize it’s main characters origin in the wild west…


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