Fuck you Science!

This month has been pretty depressing, with regards to what’s showing at the cinemas right now. There’s always that lull which occurs 2 weeks on either side of the Oscars, but then I remember that Spring, which has become the season for comedy, is around the corner. One of the big hitters this spring is 21 Jump Street, a loosely based film remake of the classic 80’s TV show that helped launch Johnny Depp’s career [SPOILER ALERT – He has a small cameo].

Released today is an extended red band trailer giving a bit of a taste of what to expect. Jonah Hill co-wrote the script, so I think it’s safe to assume the humour is in safe hands. For those concerned about Channing Tatum or, as Vince Mancini of Filmdrunk has begun to refer to him, C-Tates…don’t worry. C-Tates may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he managed to host a reasonably funny episode of Saturday Night Live and had no problem in self-deprecating humour.

[UPDATE: See my review of 21 Jump Street in the Inter:Mission blog]


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