"Speak 'What' again! Thou cur, cry 'What' again!"

It’s strange to think that no one, at the time, thought of re-writing Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction into Shakespearean English, considering the vast number of operatic monologues his characters launched into. Travolta and Jackson could have easily been spouting lines from Othello or that Scottish Play…you know, the one with the over used promo image, usually showing a semi-famous thespian clutching a skull, while looking at it with the widest eyes possible…yeah, that one.

Well I’ve got great news for you, niche person (theater geek), as a group of bard lovers got together and decided to translate the words of Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, by collaborating together on a wiki site called pulpbard, which allows members of the public, who are equally passionate about both writers, to take individual scenes and rework them into the closest ‘Shakespearean’ possible.

In 2009, a play called the ‘The Slurry Tale’ (Geddit? – check out the poster), based on the material from the wiki, performed their hilarious take, with some of the performances making its way to YouTube. The best example is of the ‘Royal with Cheese’ scene.

The play premiered at the 2009 Minnesota Fringe Festival but the clip below is from a performance at the 2011 Hollywood Fringe Festival. (If you happen to be in the Santa Monica area and this seems up your alley, there’s still time to catch a performance.) [via Reddit]

I wonder how many other Tarantino films could be translated? Jacky Brown, possibly? This reminds me of the famous remakes in 50’s Hollywood, where successful foreign films were transplanted into palatable middle American westerns. Case and point being the remake of Japanese film Seven Samurai into the American film Magnificent Seven.

But as they say these days, everything is a remix.


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