This is gonna hurt…

Ever since Samuel L Jackson’s legitimization of the B-movie, with Snakes on a Plane, there’s been a slurry of cheesy low budget copy cats hitting the cinema, like Sharktopus, Snakes on a Train and Supergator to name a few. With the economy in the tank and cinema returns low, it’s no wonder film executives are lining up to fund these low budget, yet high grossing films. There’s never any A-list stars to worry about or pamper, so actors and crew can be ordered to set and work long hours at military precision resulting in the work ethic required to deliver the film in the quickest and most cost efficient way. The Special Affects team add their magic, before Marketing get the product out the door. A perfect assembly line that even Henry Ford would be proud of.

Comedian Paul Scheer is one of the main characters in the film and can testify to the process of filming. He spent a grand total of 36 hours on set and appears in 6 scenes.

“It’s almost like short film throughout the movie,” Scheer said of his scenes with Rhames.  “It’s our little journey. We don’t interact with any of the other main characters – just us on this crazy journey during a piranha attack. [Star News Online]

By breaking up the film into many separate strands they can utilize the main cast or cameo appearances without delaying the production. Even though this film will be terrible, you have to admire the business model behind it. 3D was made for this.

There’s plenty of quality comedians peppered throughout the film, with cameos by local Hollywood nut-job Gary Busey. Ving Rhames shows up with an interesting pair of prosthetic limbs, while the Hoff does his best to look sober while eating a hamburger.


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