BRET MCKENZIE OSCAR 2012Last nights Oscars went pretty much to plan…no upsets, no dramas and the french pretty much took it all. I was however hoping that Viola Davis would take the Best Actress award, but alas the Academy chose to complete Meryl Streep’s bookend set instead. In any other year Clooney would have won the Best Actor award, but didn’t stand a chance with the unstoppable momentum of The Artist’s Jean Durjardin. Perhaps the best news of the night came when Bret McKenzie, from Flight of the Conchords fame, won for best Best Song ‘Man or Muppet’. So I guess Jermaine was right when he sang: ‘Bret you got it goin’ on”

Another note worthy point….Michel Hazanavicius, won Best Director, becoming the second Frenchman to do so since Roman Polanski…and he was only technically french, having been born there before immigrating to Poland 3 years later. So well done France, but as Comedian Bill Maher tweeted: “I’m still calling them freedom fries!”


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